December 9, 2022
ozark releasing date

From my humble experience in watching movies and series, as well as writing some screenplays; I can easily tell you that Ozark is one of the finest series, we have witnessed greatness!

As we saw the first part of the fourth season has ended on a high note, the main characters are shrinking slowly; the thing that begs the question are we near the end of the series?

In my opinion, watching a good series these days does not make me hope for greater seasons to come, but just hoping the writers do not ruin the series, and quit while ahead, shall I say!

And honestly, the fourth season of Ozark looks like a good season to end the series, it is doable! But when should we expect the second part of the fourth season?

When Ozark season 4 part 2 release date 

Well, in normal circumstances the second part will not take that long to be released; in this year 2022 anyways.

And this was stated by Jason Bateman in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Bateman said in his words “yet announced, but it’ll be kinda soon, I think.”

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