February 9, 2023
movies like the black phone, movies similar to the black phone, a man wearing a mask and showing his hands

Ethan Hawke, you may have heard is coming back to the screen with a new Horror movie starring him.

This time as an antagonist as he plays the role of an abductor.

And in this easy-to-read article, we give you some movies like The Black Phone to watch next. As always these are top-notch movies in the same genre as The Black Phone, and be sure that we highly recommend them!

Keep in mind that the movies will not be in any order because taste in film varies!

Get Out

Simple story, an African-American visits his wife’s parents where he finds real weird things going on.

I personally consider Get Out to be one of the best recent horror films like The Black Phone, perhaps the most respectable of the viewer’s mentality.

A film that presents its idea in a very clever and innovative way, a director in his first cinematic experience who offers us a film that is very beautiful.


If you are familiar with Mike Flanagan, the Midnight mass series director, you will like this movie Hush because it’s related to the series. Moreover, Hush is a similar movie to The Black Phone, in fact, it is the closest thing to the movie in many ways.

The story of Hush, in a nutshell, is about a deaf-mute girl, who finds herself trapped in her house and a masked man outside with bad intentions.

The Ritual

The story of the movie begins in Sweeden when a group of old friends decided to go to a hick in a forest.

However, things went really weird, when a strange force got in the way of their trip.

The Purge

The movie The Purge comes with an interesting story, imagine if in 12 hours each year all kinds of crimes are legal!

10 Cloverfield Lane

Very good movie, very similar to The Black Phone, imagine a girl waking up from a car accident, to find herself hostage in a man’s house and telling her that everybody outside is dead.

There is Someone Inside Your House

The story of the movie, in a nutshell, is about an assassin wearing the mask of the victim.

On the other hand, a group of high school students, try and figure out the identity of this man, and catch him before he does. So, will they succeed?

The Call

You can’t help but always be amazed by the ideas that Korean filmmakers; but this time, specifically in the movie The Call, creativity has gone beyond limits to the extent that the experience would have been almost ruined in general if it wasn’t for creative photography, directing and acting perfection.


The last movie on our list like The Black Phone is ” It, ” which tells the story of 7 children (The Losers’ Club) on a summer holiday in 1989 that initially looked perfect but took a bad turn when young people began to disappear unexplained across the small town of Derry, Maine.

Though they don’t like the horror that approaches them all, they can’t escape the visions of their greatest fear, which are becoming more and more real.

Those fears are being revived by the clown Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard with a meritocracy that inspires both dismay and horror.

” IT ” may not be Stephen King’s finest movie (though nearly at such a remarkable level), but it is probably the most soul-carrying.

Director Andy Muschietti conjures the smooth melodrama that the famous author has created in his books while conjuring with them moments of mental torment and real fears because he understands that these two things are coming out best and worst in each other.

Nightmares are even more terrifying when they come out of happy dreams, and happy endings become much more meaningful when they are preceded by scary events. And of course, everything gets even scarier when there’s a scary clown in it.

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