March 30, 2023

Whiplash 2014

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2014 is a year that witnessed a lot of good movies, Whiplash is one of them. And it makes sense to earn his way to this list of movies like Dear Evan Hansen, For these two movies have the same characteristics.

The main character of Whiplash and the main character of Dear Evan Hansen both are being crushed. Moreover, they both adore music and try and achieve their goals.

Whiplash is a Damien Chazelle movie, its story is about Andrew, the amateur drummer who wants to take his skills to the next level and achieve greatness. However, to reach that goal he has to overcome his bullying teacher Fletcher, who has some unorthodox ways of teaching.

I can’t recommend this movie enough, I have seen it several times! And you can find the whole review here.
credit Awais Irfan

CODA 2021

CODA movie review, Ruby doing love sign with her hand

CODA is the abbreviation of ” Child Of Deaf Adults “. The movie shows the family and the warmth of it; Moreover, its problems. We go with Ruby, on a journey where she fights to reach her dream of being a singer while struggling with the fact of having to leave her family.

This is a good movie! It won 6 awards. More importantly, it looks very much like the movie Dear Evan Hansen.

Not sure if you’ve seen CODA but, if you liked Dear Evan Hansen you will like this one! anyway if you saw it tell me what you liked about it in the comments!

(you can find the whole review here)

Lala Land

Looks like Damien Chazelle has another movie that matches quite much Dear Evan Hansen, it’s Lala Land. The movie is a Drama, romance musical piece of work, released in 2016.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the film takes us on a journey where Sebastian and Mia are trying to reach their goals together. However, will the love between them hold together after success?

This is a movie that won over 200 awards! Don’t miss it.


"Coco" movie review

Another musical movie, I guess this is one of my favorites! Coco is about a kid named Miguel, he lives in a family that has a deep hatred for music, almost in a fanatic way.

On the other hand, Miguel has a big passion for music and playing guitar. One day and in some unusual circumstances, Miguel gets transmitted to the land of the dead; I know this looks childish but I promise you it is cool!

In the land of the dead Miguel have a limited time to get out, but he must find something first. what he must find and will he find it, I’ll let discover that.

Worth mentioning that the movie has some impeccable soundtracks, I still listen to them to this day.

credit: DisneyMusicVEVO

The Greatest Showman 2017

The Greatest Showman is similar to Dear Evan Hansen on the musical side, for the greatest showman is one of Hollywood’s finest musical movies. The film takes the story of the founder of the Barnum circus.

The story begins when Mr. Barnum flight with his wife to live in America, and indeed they lived a happy life until Barnum got fired from work. Thus, he took a loan from the bank to start his very own circus, The Barnum Circus! So, will he succeed?

Hamilton 2020

credit: Walt Disney Studio

A Star is Born

The movie is about Jack (Bradley Cooper) a Country music star who is kind of not in his prime anymore. Jack stumbles one night with a young girl Ally (Lady Gaga) who shows a big talent for singing.

And while a love relationship starts between Ally and Jack, Ally tries to find her way to build a career, while Jack is battling with some issues.

And her is a good piece of music from the film.

Bohemian Rhapsody

If you are a fan of the Queen band, well, this is a Biography about how the band started from scratch. And how Freddie convinced the band members from the first place to take him in.

The movie is very similar to Dear Evan Hansen, for it shows us how Freddies conquered his obstacles, while the band conquered its. The movie made a big buzz when it was released and it was definitely worth the hype.

Besides, Rami Malek did a really good job with the acting; and he deserved the Oscar.

Sing 2 (2021)

The movie follows the events of the first chapter, where the singing competition ends with success. Now the band has to convince the retired rock star Clay to join their band for the last ride.

credit: Illumination

Sing Street 2016

And we come to the movie winner of 15 awards Sing Street. We see Dublin in the 1980s where a teenage boy is starting his very own band to get the attention of a girl.

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