February 9, 2023

Moonfall movie review

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I can’t tell you how much I was itchingly anticipating Moonfall movie to be released! However, did it live up to my expectations? well, unfortunately, not really.

Let me tell you why! The movie was a normal, kind of a boring disaster, prosaic I should add. Even though I was itching to see it.

You know the moon and its various theories, the hollow moon and all these theories for the record are very interesting I shall say. However, the movie presented them in a weak manner, in terms of the writing.

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The dialogue and the writing on the general of Moonfall were weak and not satisfying for such a movie with such cast and crew in general. Even the final twist, which was, to be honest interesting, but the problem was on the delivery.

You know the movies on the Disaster subgenre tend to present the story of what is happening in a simple easy understanding way; Like for example Greenland, Don’t Look Up, or The Walking Dead. . . 

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But that wasn’t the case for Moonfall movie, the delivery of the information and the plot of the story was somehow messy. Moreover, there were some events that does not make sense, not logical by any means.

In Conclusion

The fact that I am not able to find something positive to elevate the movie makes me sad, even acting was wimpy sometimes corner I should add.

To sum up this review, Moonfall movie did not make me feel the disaster really. Moreover, the dramatic side was introduced quickly. The only strong thing was the CGI. 

Moonfall movie Rating

In general, this is just a popcorn movie, something to stream in the background without really engaging much. And my rating is 4/10!


15 Movies like Moonfall you shouldn’t miss

Taste in movies is subjective, and for that reason, as is the case for all the lists we did here in Filmiland. The films will not be in any order! In short, we just put together 10 movies similar to Moonfall for you.

To sum up, these movies have in common the same atmosphere, related story, characters… etc. Regardless, let me know what you think in the comments!


Don’t Look Up

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This movie has pissed off so many people, I guess these people were expecting something and got something else. 

In my opinion, this was one of the movies I enjoyed, to be honest! and as far as I am concerned the movie has a purpose to fulfill and it surely did!

The movie takes the story of two astronomers; who will find out that a large comet as they name it Planet Killer is making its way to earth.

This news got completely ignored by the authorities. Anyway? this is a good movie, very similar to Moonfall, even much better I should say.


World War Z (2013)

In a post-zombie apocalypse, Gerry Lane the ex-United Nations agent must go overseas, to try and find a resolution for the threat of the apocalypse. Moreover, the entire humanity is depending on him now, will he succeed?



A network of satellites was designed to control the international climate. However, it got out of control causing a Geostorm that may wipe out everything and everybody.

To sum up, you will find this movie similar to Moonfall, I recommend it.


San Andreas

We can’t oppose that one of the most similar movies to Moonfall is San Andreas starring Dwayne Jhonson. In general, I feel like any movie that includes The Rock brings with him a positive and relaxing vibe I should add.

The story in a nutshell, after a terrible earthquake hit a city, the rescue-chopper aviator Ray Gaines is now on a mission to rescue his trapped daughter.



[image lightbox=”1″ caption=””]https://filmiland.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/greenland.webp[/image]

A family living in a lovely house in a beautiful neighborhood. Parents are in the status of getting divorced. Their young boy is diabetic.

Several comets suddenly appear to pass close to the earth. Now the family is selected for shelter as now the comets appear to be going to smash the earth.


The Martian

Director Ridley Scott gives us a very compelling movie, The Martian. Where an astronaut ( Matt Damon ) becomes deserted on the planet Mars after his crew presumes him dead.

Now all hopes on his cleverness to find a way to alert his team on Earth that he is alive and can survive until they come for his rescue.


10 000 Bc

The story of 10 000 Bc takes place in prehistoric history so to speak, where a mammoth hunter has to save his love. 

This movie is kind of forgotten, but it is enjoyable for sure and the is a similarity between him and Moonfall.


independence day: resurgence

Earth is faced with a new foreign danger after twenty years from the first Independence Day invasion. So how will humanity defend itself this time?


The day after tomorrow

I reckon the day after tomorrow is one of the movies very much like Moonfall that I could find.

Its story is about a paleoclimatologist who must make his way to save his trapped son. All this is happening while the earth has entered a new Ice Age!



[image lightbox=”1″ caption=””]https://filmiland.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/snowpiercer.webp[/image]

very interesting movie taking a story after an experiment to tackle global warming, the experiment fails and the planet enters an ice age that destroys everything on the planet, and human survivors are taken to a huge train called “SnowPiercers”, in which the rich live at the front of the train, and the poor live at the end of the train.

After a while, the poor are carrying out a revolution of revolution led by Curtis artist Chris Evans, aiming to free a prisoner named Namjung, who is a specialist on the gates of the train to unite with them for the success of their rebellion against the rich.


The Shallows (2016)

Picture being in the shoes of a young girl going in a peaceful swim in a bay, to find yourself trapped by a shark! That is the story of The Shallows.

Yet, in this story Nancy finds herself 200 yards from the beach and chased down by a shark, will she make it to safety?


#Alive (2020)

a new virus is leaking and contaminating everybody, causing the city to enter into a chaotic situation.


Sully (2016)

In brief, this is the real story of Chesley Sullenberger, the American aviator who miracle landed a plane full of passengers. Thus, bravely saving the whole plane crew and passengers!


Into the Storm (2014)

The village of Silverton is threatened by tornadoes, and the hurricane trackers’ predictions do not bode well for the residents.

Moreover, currently, they are seeking refuge, so what is going to happen?


Crawl (2019)

If memory serves me well, this movie is on Tarantino’s list of the best movies of 2019.

When a category storm hits a village; a young woman finds herself forced to go and rescue her father who is trapped in his home.

However, the bigger risk is the crocodiles outside! Very thrilling movie, I liked it so much.


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