February 9, 2023
don't look up

Hello again, Thankfully 2021 was a better cinematic year than 2020. Not as strong as 2019, but 2019 was somehow exceptional, so now comes the time so I share with you a list of the best 10 movies I watched in 2021.

Though, let me say one thing, this list is based on my taste, and I tried the maximum possible to give a list of the best movies in 2021 with variated genres.

Worth mentioning also that I will note first some movies that didn’t make it to the list. However, I enjoyed them also.

King Richard

Will Smith’s return finally to the dramatic roles, and I kid you not it was a hell of a return! I hope he’ll be nominated for the Oscar at least.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

justice league movie review

In this movie, Zack Snyder proved to the world that nobody understands the DCworld as he does!

Watching this movie was definitely a good experience, however, I didn’t feel that it will make it to the list.

The Unforgivable

I can’t remember how many friends I have recommended this movie! despite all the cons that the movie contained, Sandra Bullock gave an impeccable performance, off the charts!

Don’t Look Up

movies like don't look up

Definitely, one of the movies I enjoyed this year especially with the return of Leonardo DiCaprio, who I guess we didn’t see since Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Now since we finished with the honorary list, comes the turn for the official list.

7 movies like Don’t Look Up

10 – Tick Tick Boom

Andrew Garfield in this movie gives another proof of his acting abilities and the fact that he can play a various number of characters.

The story of the movie is a real story of one of the pioneers of America’s theatre. A good emotional touching story, passion, ambition, and the time counter of our life that slips in front of our eyes.

The movie is a musical, but do not let that fact stop you from watching it, the musical part of it is so short, calculated, amazing. Tick Tick Boom is more than just that.

09 – Last Night In Soho

Edgar Wright gives an outstanding visual experience, Drama, Horror, with an entertaining Mystery side.

The story is about a girl who is pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer And for that, she leaves her small hometown, and head to London.

The mysterious thing is since she moved to London, she started seeing dreams of some events taking place in the 1960s. However, in one of her dreams, she witnesses a crime. so, is this girl just hallucinating, and what is the link between the 1960s and the present?

The acting was off the charts, impeccable. And the design of the era of the 1960s was perfect, yet, the movie ended on a high note! All these were factors that insure Last Night in Soho a place in this list of the best movies of 2021.

08 – The Power Of The Dog

It is almost difficult for me to ignore this movie. Especially since it is one of these movies that do not give you all the info in a silver plate, however, letting you discover and trust your intelligence in educating the events of the movie.

The story of the movie is a Familly Drama, which takes the story of two brothers. Nonetheless, they live with each other, work with each other, but are very different than each other. One of them is kind, pleasant, peaceful, while the other is a bullying selfish arrogant.

The bread and butter of the story begin when the kind brother decides to marry a single mother. However, things do not bode well for her, when the bullying brother does not want to leave things to go water under the bridge.

Every scene, every sequence, every dialogue, contained something that will eventually make things clear for you!

07 – Cruella

This is one of the best movies of 2021, in fact, one of the surprises of this year. Especially, considering the fact that I did lose confidence in Disney, and their abilities in milking (so to speak) their characters and stories.

The story is about Cruella, the character that we already saw in the movie 101 Dalmatians, and was the antagonist of the film. But this movie Cruella 2021 is a prequel to the story.

We go on a journey to see how Cruella is passionate about fashion, a very entertaining story with a nice Comedy side. And choosing Emma Stone was a good choice.

06 – The Father

the father movie poster

Since I watched The Father movie in 2021, it makes sense to enter this list. The movie gives us easily one of the brightest performances of the year. Especially keeping into consideration the age factor of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

The story of the movie made us put ourselves in the shoes of a person with Alzheimer’s. How he lives, who he connects with others… All this in a good manner of telling the story, and outstanding performance of the year from Anthony Hopkins.

05 – The Last Dual

Number five in our list of best movies of 2021, The Last Dual. One of the most underrated movies of this year 2021 and the big failure in the box office even though the good cast.

The film takes the story of some true events that took place at the end of the medieval. There is no point in telling you the story of the movie. However, if you give it a chance and watch it, they do a good job of telling the story, seriously!

04 – CODA

CODA movie review, Ruby doing love sign with her hand

This movie, CODA, gives a familiar story but rewards us with a nice angle of viewing the problem.

The events of the movie revolve around Ruby. A teenage girl who enjoys the blessing of hearing, in the middle of a deaf family. Ruby’s family makes living fishing and selling fish.

And you can imagine that this craft requires people that can hear! Ruby has a special talent for singing, and she absolutely adores it, but here she found herself between two options; the best of them is bitter, either she can stay and help her family make living or go and pursue her passion for singing.

Of course, we did a full review on this beautiful movie, don’t miss it.

03 – A Quiet Place 2

a-quiet-place-2 movie revew

Although A Quiet Place Part II does not quite succeed in capturing what made the first part eerily successful; it does manage to present a lot of exciting and frightening scenes. Leaving the audience immersed thanks to its focus on the characters.

The influential performance of the returning cast and the wonderful new addition Cillian Murphy.

02 – Spider-Man No Way Home

This part of the movie spider-man does a nice thing, which is the new age of superheroes, and mixing it with the past, the nostalgia, and the reminiscences.

01 – Dune

If you reached this far in reading, I want to tell you, you are awesome! Alright, Numero Uno, the best movie of the year 2021, I want to say that I was surprised, but I believe I wasn’t. Knowing that the director is Denis Villeneuve and all that prestigious cast made me pretty much confident that I am about to witness the greatness!

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