December 9, 2022
Jupiter's Legacy series review


“Jupiter’s Legacy”; The first generation of superheroes kept the world safe for 90 years. Now the years are different, the world is changing and the enemies are getting stronger. It is time for the new generation of superheroes to accept the legacy of their fathers; and to continue their work based on morality and justice.

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quick states

  • Rating: 6.9
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Stars: Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb
  • Certificate: TV-MA
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 2021
  • AKA: Jupiter’s Legacy
  • Filming Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Runtime: 56 min

Jupiter’s Legacy series review

Jupiter’s Legacy tells two stories in parallel; the story of the origins of the early superhero’s abilities in the form of flashback shots, and their story with their children. The narrative spans nearly a century, from the American Depression to the present day. While the modern story was less enthusiastic, the origin story was very interesting and exciting.

During the 1930s, the story focuses on the founding of Al Ittihad; which consists of 6 people who gained their powers in a way that we will not know until the end of the first season. Where Sheldon Sampson, nicknamed the Utopian (Josh Duhamel); experiences a fit after a traumatic accident that causes him to assemble a team and set out on a journey into the unknown. The team also consists of his brother Walter, nicknamed Brian Wave (Ben Daniels); close friend George Hutchins or Sky Fox (Matt Lanter), journalist Grace Kennedy or Lady Liberty (who later becomes his wife) (Lizzie Pep), and Fitz Small or The Flair ( Mike Wade and Dr. Richard Conrad or Blue Bolt (David Julian Hirsch).

This story includes a journey full of adventures and exploration. This begins with Sheldon’s spells that make everyone think that he has gone crazy; so he sets out at first on his own in search of a picture that appears to him during the shifts. Which when he finds it guides him to the road; and here shows the love of his friend George and his brother Walter, who agree To accompany him on this perilous journey full of resolving strange clues and symbols and delving into the sea and storms because he needs them both.

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Thanks to the two chronological stories that span a long time; we can see the maturity of these characters with the wonderful performance of the stars. Most notably Duhamel, who changed from the innocent millionaire boy who cares about nothing and tries to explore life; to the old cruel father who tries to preserve his legacy and puts their motto in life: Service, compassion, and compassion, above all else, albeit at the expense of the lives of heroes. It raises the moral questions that we always see in the stories of superheroes, can killing be justified in self-defense? Or is the killing still killing and the laws must be adhered to, whatever the result? This question is causing the beginning of a rift between the members of the superhero community.

George also stands out as a distinctive character with the wonderful performance of Inter; who despite his complete absence from the current story for unknown reasons made me feel frustrated. But we spend a long time in the past getting to know his fun personality as a very close friend of Sheldon; who stands beside him in the darkest moments of his life. Unfortunately, Jupiter’s Legacy leaves us without an answer about the reason for his disappearance at a later time or the reason for his enmity with them after all those years.


Jupiter’s Legacy focuses on drama, the development of the main characters; and their feelings as human beings more than the supernatural powers themselves or action scenes. There is a father who struggles to communicate with his children, a son who strives to satisfy his father. A rebellious daughter who does the impossible to anger her father; in addition to the suffering the father The interior and his conflicting feelings towards his father and the tragedy that he lived.

The series suffers somewhat from the side of the characters due to their abundance, so the children in the modern story do not get the opportunity to develop their personalities or go deeper with them, so son Matt and daughter Chloe (Andrew Horton and Elena Cambridge, respectively), for example, suffer from non-deep characters with one dimension and can predict their behavior. And they don’t change at all during the series.

The earth is full of people who possess superpowers, whether evil or good, but Jupiter’s Legacy does not tell us how they obtained their powers, except for Matt and Chloe, who were born with these powers, but there remain many outstanding questions about the spread of superpowers in the world far beyond the founders, and why there Many who hate or fear the Utopian who is the strongest among them, or why they continue, for example, that someone will become the next utopian as if it were an inherited title. Also, the fashion and makeup designs seem comical, which weakens the impact of the series, so it is difficult for us (especially at the beginning) to take Yutobian with his white beard that does not look real and his white and red outfit seriously, and we need some time to get used to these designs.

most importantly

There is another prominent character from the new generation who does not have supernatural powers and that is Hatch (Ian Quinlan), who compensates for the supernatural powers with a special tool that allows him to move between places in a jiffy, and who has the advantage of being a deceitful person who has special goals that he tries to achieve that unfolds to us as the story develops, Who gets a greater chance from the children of Utopian to develop his character and who we are surprised later with his truth.

As for the action, although it was said little, the action scenes, the combat designs, and the sound and visual effects were so wonderful, which made me wish there were more of them. But most of them are limited to the current time, and sometimes suffer due to the movement of so many flashback shots or even within the current time that they often steal the feeling of excitement from them. For example, two very important and full of tension and excitement parallel scenes are shown intermittently back and forth, hijacking the feeling of tension and making things end without climax, at a time when each story could simply be presented in its entirety separately in a way that would have been breathtaking instead.

In conclusion

If I were to evaluate the two different chronological stories separately; I would give Modern Story 6 out of 10 because it lacks the depth and suspense that was characteristic of the origin story. In addition to leaving many questions unanswered, but at the same time; it offers some of the best action scenes in the whole series. So I would rate it 8 out of 10 because of the depth and suspense that surrounds it; and the surrounding atmosphere that makes us want to continue to the end to see what happens. Therefore, my evaluation of the first season as a whole will be 7 out of 10. Because, despite all the gaps that the story suffers from; the first season offers enough suspense and special characters to make us eagerly anticipate the second season.

The first season of Jupiter’s Legacy offers two stories that are told in parallel, distinct characters, and great action, but sometimes suffers due to the transition between the two stages and gets snatched from the escalation of the excitement, in addition to the fact that the characters of the modern story do not get the opportunity to delve into them, so they seem superficial and easy to predict. But ultimately it delivers a great origin story, leaving us with loads of outstanding questions and enough suspense to make us wait excitedly for the second season.

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