August 16, 2022
Joker (2019) movie review


Arthur Fleck fills in as a comedian as well as a stand-up professional comedian. He has psychological wellness issues, some portion of which includes wild giggling. Circumstances are difficult and, because of his issues and occupation, Arthur has a far more atrocious time than most. After some time these issues overwhelm him, forming his moves; making him at last interpretation of the persona he is more known as…Joker.

quick states

  • Rating: 8.4
  • Director: Todd Phillips
  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Certificate: R (the movie contains bad behavior, strong violence, bad language)
  • Country: USA, Canada
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 2019
  • soundtrack: “Send In The Clowns”, “White Room”, “Spanish Flea”, “Love Theme”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “That’s Life”; “Bottle Bursts”, “Charlie Meets Burglars”, “Joins Girl In Bedding Dept”, “In Basement”, “Descends In Lift”, “Murray’s Late Night”; “Smile”, “Here Comes The King”, “Temptation Rag”
  • AKA: Joker
  • Filming Locations: New York, USA – New Jersey, USA
  • Runtime: 122 min

Joker (2019) movie review

Today I remembered why I am in love with movies, why I am in love with cinema. I remembered the feeling of dazzle, when I am looking at the screen and saying, what did I just saw! I guess the last time I had this feeling is at the end of the movie “Interstellar”. Although this movie is different, the feeling of the need that you must certainly watch the movie “joker” again; the need to watch this impeccable performance again, to believe that you are not delusional or under some kind of magic. But did actually saw an outstanding performance, Joker movie is a movie for anyone who lost hope in Hollywood movies; in simple words, Joker movie is a masterpiece!

The movie’s story is not about Joker, but about Arthur fleck; there is a difference, we are not seeing the crazy narcissistic chaotic Joker, but we will live with Arthur fleck and his mental illness before transforming into the joker, how was his life? What are the difficulties and the problems that he had to face time after time? Things that allowed him to turn from a simple guy that people don’t even notice in the streets to the evilest and the most notorious character in the comics world and the world of the movie in general!

This isn’t an action movie; it is true that the character is taken from the comics world, but it is completely different from the comics movies that we see lately. Joker movie represents the comics category in a different and strange way. For me, this movie is a Drama, I don’t care what genre they categories it, it is a pure Drama, drama in its best picture!

second thaughts

So as I said, this movie is a study of the Joker’s personality; it begins with Arthur Fleck and finishes with the Joker. Arthur this simple man, and by the time we end up with a completely different personality; and here comes the good thing.

The building of the character was slow and gradual. You will see multiple turns that are responsible directly or indirectly for the change of our main character; that is the kind of graduality in building the characters and the actions that we miss in today’s movies! nevertheless, we found it in many series.

The graduality of the building of the Joker was off the sharts, impeccable! However, in a movie 2 hours long, that is amazing!
All this graduality wasn’t without a purpose, because in the end most likely you’re going to find yourself empathizing with the Joker, not just that, but you will find yourself also accepting the majority of his actions!

And despite that, it is a simple story of transformation from “good” to “evil”, also from the trailer we saw what was happening to him and that the people’s action will lead to creating the Joker personality, yes we know that but, the storytelling was the foundation.
The evil characters become great when we understand them and dive deep into their personalities, any brutal evil character that we see if he had a philosophy, logic, background and you have made it to understand those things about him trust me you will enjoy watching it! And this is what this movie all about.

Technical side

The second strong side is the directing. Tod Philips was known just for comedy movies (the hangover, due date..) and that’s it! it is hard to believe that a director like that, who is accustomed to comedy movies is capable of such darkness. But why do I compliment the director besides the story and the acting, Tod has a vision, a clear vision, what do I mean by that? Tod has stated that he is not going to direct a superhero movie, and indeed it isn’t, secondly, he stated that he is going to represent the joker character as never been done before, and back then I couldn’t help but wonder how is he going to do that and pass the Heath Ledger’s representation of the joker in “the Dark Knight”. The man was up to his word, he provided us with a magnific Joker.

The Joker in this movie is way different than the typical Joker that we know from the comics or the other movies, the life, the surroundings, the style, the dialogue, the behaviors, all of them are different and extremely convincing to deliver me the madness of the Joker!

credit to Warner Bros. Pictures youtube channel

The directing was off the charts, impeccable, From a photographic point of view, the movie was sad, dark, deep, from the degradation of the colors that was diagonal to the sadness, secondly the places of shooting, we are filming new york in its badest time the 70s, a lot of junk in the road, briefly the general atmosphere was bleak and missy. Tod succeeded in persuading Warner Bros and DC to let him make an R-rated movie.
Joker movie doesn’t have that much graphic use nor does it have that big number of cast.


In this movie, you have 2 or 3 important classic soundtracks, and they have been played in important shots causing a good dramatic escalation.


Let’s talk now about the acting, Juaquin Phoenix, and with all the respect for the other actors including Dinero, Juaquin was carrying the film on his shoulders, from the beginning to the end, this man has an incredible capability of acting, the way he controls his facial features is amazing, the man was laughing while crying! In some scenes, you can see Calm and Anger, Craziness and Rationality, Crying and Laughing, Juaquin Phoenix before the movie did study a mental health issue that causes uncontrollable laughing, and he completely convinced me of the existence of this illness, and the suffering of the people who live this illness. The physical change that he did was shocking, the thinness affected the way he walked, the way he runs, even in the scenes without his shirt on, you can see the bones.

And here we understand that the mentality of Arthur was shuttered, and this made me understand Arthur and therefore understand The Joker, made me pity him and at the same time fear him!
The prestige of the Joker did not come from a strength point but from a weak point.
And here we see how society is responsible for the making of such destructive personalities!

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