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Finch Storyline

On a post-apocalyptic earth, a robot, built to protect the life of his creator’s beloved dog; learns about life, love, friendship and what it means to be human.

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Quick States

  • Rating: 7.1
  • Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Stars: Tom Hanks
  • Director: Miguel Sapochnik
  • Writers: Craig Luck, Ivor Powell
  • Certificate: PG-13
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 2021
  • Runtime: 115 min

Finch movie Trailer

Apple TV

Finch (2021) Review

This movie is produced by Apple TV plus, moreover, it is the second time the network corporates with Tom Hanks.

The story of the movie, in a nutshell, is taking place in the future of humanity, where the climate changes real bad, and the sun can easily hurt any living thing.

The only way to move between places can be done only by using special equipment and special vehicles.

We take a journey with Finch, this man lives in arguably complete solitude. And, according to the events, we learn that he is taking a journey while running away from a deadly storm, and other threats.

Finch is heading towards San Francisco, but lucky for him he isn’t going alone, he is taking with him his robot and his dog. The robot’s purpose is going to be clear from the beginning of the movie.

Tom Hanks is a top-notch actor, a first-class actor, he can give you some impeccable performances no matter how bad the script is. I can’t say that the story of the Finch movie is poor, however, it is duplicated and a kind of Cliché.

The movie depends a lot on charging the emotions of the spectators if you bond with the characters, the robot, the dog, and Finch, so you most likely going to enjoy the movie.

Other than that the movie is a little empty, shall I say. The characters go through rough times but you don’t feel worried about them. I am not going to spoil things for you of course, but the end depends big time on you being emotionally related to the characters.

Yeah, that is it, do I recommend the movie? yes, it is good enjoyable, to be honest!

8 Movies like Finch (2021)

1 – I am Legend (2007)

I am Legend is arguably the closest similar movie to Finch, you most likely have heard of the movie, or even watched it, it is basically Will Smith in his prime so to speak.

The movie is taking the story of Robert Neville, one of the last survivors of a deadly plague, who wiped out the majority of the population and turned the rest into zombies.

Robert Neville takes in his shoulders the responsibility to find a cure for the plague and try to connect with survivors.

2 – Wall-E (2008)

The events of the movie take place in the near long future. Wall-E, a small robot that collects trash on earth alone, finds himself in a space journey that will probably change the fate of humanity.

3 – Cast Away (2000)

Arguably the movie that made the career of Tom Hanks, Cast Away! When a FedEx executive crash lands on an isolated island he will go through an experience that he would never have expected.

4 – Awake (2021)

Imagine the entire humanity losing the ability to sleep in a devastating global event that humanity has never seen before.

5 – Love and Monsters (2020)

The events of this one are taking place seven years after the earth has been attacked by monsters. Despite how silly the story sounds, it is a cool movie with a good ending twist trust me!

6 – The Silence (2019)

At the point when the world is enduring an attack from unnerving animals who chase their human prey by strong, 16-year old Ally Andrews (Kiernan Shipka), who lost her hearing at 13, and her family looks for shelter in a far off sanctuary.

Yet, they find an evil clique who is anxious to take advantage of Ally’s increased faculties.

7 – Snowpiercer (2013)

After an experiment to tackle global warming, the experiment fails and the planet enters an ice age that destroys everything on the planet, and human survivors are taken to a huge train called “SnowPiercers“, in which the rich live at the front of the train, and the poor live at the end of the train.

After a while, the poor are carrying out a revolution of rebellion led by Curtis artist (Chris Evans), seeking to free a prisoner named Namjung, who is an expert on the gates of the train to unite with them for success of their revolution against the rich.

8 – Cargo (2017)

You want to see Martin Freeman in excellent acting, Cargo is the movie you need to see! Moreover, this is one of the movies like Finch. The story is about a man trying to find someone to take care of his kid after a pandemic hit Australia.

Can I watch Finch (2021) with my parents or children

Well, you are going to be the judge for that, but a little warning; You can expect one use of shit.

Concerning sexual or nudity content, there is a side view of Finch totally naked after taking a bath at the beginning of the movie. Moreover, in terms of Violence, a robot gets smashed by a big bear trap.

Yeah, that’s it!

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