December 9, 2022
don't breathe 2 review


The Blind Man has been hiding out for years in an isolated cabin and has taken in and raised a young girl who lost her parents in a house fire. Their quiet existence is shattered when a group of kidnappers show up and take the girl; forcing the Blind Man to leave his safe haven to rescue her.


Quick states

  • Rating: 6.2
  • Genres: Horror, Thriller
  • Stars: Stephen Lang, Madelyn Grace, Brendan Sexton III, Fiona O’Shaughnessy
  • Director: Rodo Sayagues
  • Writers: Rodo Sayagues, Fede Alvarez
  • Certificate: R
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 2021
  • AKA: Don’t breathe 2
  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Filming Location: Belgrade, Serbia – Michigan, USA

Don’t Breathe 2 movie trailer

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Don’t Breathe 2 movie review

Action, Thriller, Horror, these were the compositions of Don’t breathe 2. And, of course, everyone +18 years old can watch it. However, is it necessary to watch the first sequel of the franchise? Yes, to understand the background of the main character, the Blind Man. And to get a glimpse of his capabilities. Moreover, you get to decide whether he is a good or bad guy.

The movie is directed by Rodo Sayagues and is starring Stephen Lang as the blind man, Madelyn Grace, Brendan Sexton III, Fiona O’Shaughnessy.

don't breathe 2, norman and his daughter

Norman the Blind Man, lives in peace with his daughter until one day some thieves decided to invade his house; That is the storyline in a nutshell. To be honest, the movie was not on the level of the first sequel, but I enjoyed it anyway!

Keep in mind that the first sequel found that huge success due to a variety of elements. One of them was the fact that it was filmed in one place most of the time. Moreover, there was a surprising element, which is the prey becomes the hunter. And that was off the charts extremely powerful.

That is to say, that I was excited about the second chapter, and my anticipation was over the roof. However, to be honest the movie was loaded with filming errors. You may even wonder why did the director not notice these mistakes.

Difference between first and second chapter

house in fire

The decisions of The Blind Man sometimes don’t make sense. Moreover, the prestige shall I say, of him, that played a big role in the first chapter, we don’t see it here much; we receive more of a sense of fear in him.

In the first chapter, when the blind man was after the gang, we can sense the danger he brings to the table. But in Don’t Breathe 2 you can’t feel the man that you don’t want to be in his house without an invitation! The skilled man that even though he is blind but he knows every inch of his house.

Rodo Sayagues have some experience in writing and producing. However, this is his first experience as a director, so many things did not make sense, as I said before. In addition, he wrote the scenario, so how didn’t he pay attention to the mistakes I have no idea.

Moreover, the main problem of the movie could’ve been solved at the first of the movie easily. However, the events of the movie took a big turn; which is fine, I can go with that.

To be honest, there are some beautiful creative fight scenes, the lighting, the cinematography. Moreover, the cadres were perfect to the scene, makes you feel what you should feel.

In conclusion

the blind man, norman in the ground

There were a lot of things to like about Don’t Breathe 2, to be honest. But I wish there was a direct link between the first and the second chapter; for instance, a revenge story against the first gang. Because the events of the movie are predictable in the most.

I wish they had done better than this, for instance, if we take a look in the first chapter; the budget was very limited and the plot was well-knitted. And a very strong element was the fact that the blind man knows his house. He knows every inch of it, so to come here in this chapter and convince me that he will be fine outside the house too! Come on!

And where are the cops in all of this? Nobody hears the bullets or saw the fire and calls the police?

I understand that many of us love this franchise, I do too. The home invasion genre is cool and seeing the man defending his house and all. But, will I watch Don’t Breathe 2 again, I don’t know, most likely not!

To sum up, I wish they did something like John wick (see John wick 4 new here), I mean we continue the events from where we left them! That will be great, However, just watch it, you may like it, I like it even though of the cons. you can see the pictures in the rest of the review it’s fine, no spoilers in them.

Don’t Breathe 2 movie review (spoilers)

A woman trying to steal her daughter’s heart to live | Don’t Breathe 2

Our movie begins with a house burning, and a little girl walking in the street until she passes out. After eight years we see a little girl trying to run away from Norman’s dog, Norman the blind man that made the three thieves from the first chapter regret trying to invade his house.

And even though he can’t see but he eliminated two of them anyway! While the third girl had the chance to escape the blind man’s house heading outside the country with her little girl.

Back to the girl trying to run from Norman’s dog. The girl reaches a pack with a gun within; and suddenly, Norman appears behind her and told her that she failed the exam. At that point, we understand that Norman is the girl’s dad, and all he was doing is trying to make her learn to defend herself.

norman holding gun

Then, they return to the house and the girl asks “why don’t we have any pictures of mum?”, the mother that has died. Norman told her that the fire destroyed everything and all he was able to rescue is his daughter.

Phoenix (the girl) demands to go to town, the last time she was there was three months ago; but Norman disapproves as a result that she didn’t pass the survival test. And when she passes the test next time he will send her to town with Hernandez; the girl with the flowers… However, Hernandez finds some success in convincing the blind man (Stephen Lang) to let Phoenix go with her to town; Otherwise, the girl will end up escaping the house.

Don’t Breathe 2, Pheonix gets out of the house

Norman finally agrees with her argument and accepts to let her go with Hernandez. In one condition that she will return home in time. Hernandez took the girl to her old house (the one that burned down). Pheonix left something for her dead mother and left the house. We see on the TV that there is a gang specialized in stealing human organs; lead by Dr. Thommas, and a warning has been released to heads up the citizens.

Pheonix is playing in the garden, in a while she goes to the toilet and left the dog with Hernandez. Phoenix meets someone in the toilet and told her his name is Ray, what a weird situation; luckily the dog comes to the rescue of Phoenix. She told him in a badass scene that with a snap of a finger she can make the dog eat his testicles, ouch!

Hernandez and Phoenix get in the car and get back home; and while Hernandez is on the way to her home she stumbles upon a car blocking the road.

Hernandez takes her gun and gets out of the car to make them move, and they do move! But when she gets back to her car she gets jumped off by someone from the backseat who shocks her and kills her; Brutely!

At the same time, Phoenix is upset and angry with her father; who is not letting her go to school or live a normal life. Norman has already lost a daughter and he is not ready to lose another one.

Meanwhile Shadow, their rottweiler dog is guarding the house until he hears a noise and went out to check it. guess who shows up! The gang shows up at the front door while Norman is searching for Shadow to feed him.

The gang made their way to the house!

He couldn’t find him so he went out searching for him. However, the gang members made their way to the inside of the house, and find out that Norman is a Blind man.

Phoenix went under the bed once she feels the gang invading the house, and in a perfect long shot scene; Phoenix managed to dodge one of the gangsters and made it downstairs. And while turning the lights off she, we know that Norman, found the dog dead by a gun!

phoenix hiding under the bed

He returns home from the back door while Phoenix is making her way to the back door as well. One of the gangsters found her and shot a bullet to scare her, and closed the door. While he closes the door comes Norman from behind and tries to disarm him.

Norman got injured in the process but bought time for his daughter to go and hid in her box. Now, all the gang members are in pursuit of Norman, and one of them succeeds in finding him. But unfortunately for him, he got his butt kicked, Norman poured the glue in the gangster’s mouth, it was kind of funny.

Norman gets away from the window, and here we got to know a new thing about Norman from this second chapter of Don’t Breathe 2, which is the fact that norman was a former marine seal.

He succeeds in reaching I guess the basement, where phoenix is hiding in her box. And he knows from the sound of the water pipes that the gangster; is trying to make the girl get out of the boxing by drowning her.

Norman trying to save his daughter

Moreover, he throws an electrical wire, so now her life is in danger, and that was a really thrilling scene in Don’t Breathe 2. Norman comes out from the shadow and intelligently confronts the gangster! He throws a gas bottle, so now if the gangster fires the gun, the basement will be in the fire.

Norman puts a wild fight against the gangster and really gave him a hard time. Keep in mind that the girl is still in the box and water is nearly reaching the electrical wire; luckily Norman finds the wire and pulls it off.

Meanwhile, Norman takes shelter behind a table and throws the electrical wire to the gas; and blows the whole place out! Norman saves his girl, but they are not out of the woods yet. The gang is still in the house.

And this is where we see a little difference between the first chapter and Don’t Breathe 2. Firstly, Norman in the first chapter was chasing the gang, But in the second chapter; the gang is chasing him out of the house.

Now, Norman and Pheonix are in the arboretum. On the other hand, the gang found their friend cooked up and went again in the pursuit of the blind man.

Made it to the arboretum, Norman and his daughter now are trapped by the gangsters with very few options. Moreover, in a scene that was spoiled in the trailer, the gang leader tells the girl ” I don’t know who he is but, I surely know who he is not! “.

Before he finishes his sentence, Norman Jamps on the gangsters and tries to put a fight again, but norman beating all of them in one place would not be realistic now, would it?

Pheonix knowing the truth

No, the gangs did knock him out, Ray told Phoenix that she may not recognize him but because it was eight years since they have met last time, and he was in jail at the time. Now we know that Pheonix is Ray’s daughter!

After that, Norman succeeds in escaping the gang, and they pursued him again while the girl is in the car of one of them, and taking her to the car. In the process, Phoenix sticks something in his leg, that gangster got his butt kicked so bad in Don’t Breathe 2.

He got angry and tried to teach the girl some manners, but Norman shows up and smashed his head. Now Norman and phoenix are heading upstairs, while the gang found their friend dead! As a result, Ray gets real angry and lets his dog in the house take Norman out.

Meanwhile, Norman is trapped in a room alone with the dog! And in a suspense scene, and a well-placed “saving the cat moment” Norman found a way, to not kill the dog.

After that, the girl when she was escaping the house, a gangster found her and got her to the car. Ray then, decided to set the house on fire!

Luckily, Norman and the dog escape the fire, and he is just witnessing his house on fire in a good cinematic sequence. Moreover, he uses his head and recognizes that the dog can lead him to the gang’s den.

Meanwhile, Ray is making a conversation with his daughter Phoenix; and telling her everything she wants to know, no lies. However, Phoenix did not want to stay with him, and while she is leaving; she stumbles with her mother in an emotional scene!

Phoenix met her mother

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Further, in another emotional scene, Phoenix finds out that her mother is dying; and she needs a heart donation! At the same time, Phoenix passes out and the doctor goes to work! Meanwhile, Norman is making his way to the gang’s den with the dog.

With Raol, disapproving of all that they’re doing, his friend explains to him that they need the women. And the fact that she is their drug cook, so they need her to stay alive.

Norman comes in the right moment and by cutting the electricity he stops the surgery! However, and the gang went down to face him and he takes them out; all of them except Raol.

Raol shows Norman the way to find the girl and save her. And of course, Norman found the doctor and shot him, and he finally facing out Ray. Ray breaks the windows to let the light come in; and the fight begins, in the process, Pheonix’s mother gets shot and dies.

Don’t Breathe 2 ending explained

Norman found some success in beating Ray and finally making him blind. Further, he faces Pheonix with the truth that he is a murderer, rapist… However, Ray is not yet dead, so he stabs Norman in the back. Norman dies in the arms of Phoenix while telling her that she saved him.

My explanation of the extra scene after the credits of Don’t Breathe 2, is that the dog returns to Norman because he is not dead yet! And for that, the franchise will continue.

if you read to this point, I want to thank you so much, you are amazing!

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