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boss level movie review


A highly trained retired Special Forces man (Roy) stuck in a never-ending time loop; where he ends up dead every time.

Quick States

  • Rating: 6.9
  • Genres: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Stars: Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong
  • Director: Joe Carnahan
  • Writers: Joe Carnahan, Chris Borey, Eddie Borey
  • Certificate: R
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 2021
  • AKA: Groundhog day
  • Runtime: 94 min
  • Filming Location: Georgia, USA

Boss Level movie review

boss level movie review

Hello everyone, welcome back! Let me take a little of your time to tell you a bit about the movie Boss Level. In short, the events of the movie revolve around a retired highly trained soldier named Roy Pulver; while Roy was searching for an opportunity to work, he falls in a never-ending time-loop! Never-ending how? well, Roy wakes up every day to the same routine, aggressive routine so to speak, all he does in the day is slipping death but ends up dead anyway.

Of course, this time loop has a secret behind it and begs many questions to Roy Pulver; who eventually will have to search for answers to figure out why that is happening, and why to him specifically!

Boss Level movie is starring Frank Grillo playing the character Roy Pulver, Frank Grillo is known for action movies in general, we saw him in Home Front (Frank Grillo plays the role of a notorious biker), Warrior, and recently in the movie Wheelman, and Kingdom. Besides, the acting veteran Mel Gibson and the fact that he took this role is so strange; because, in my opinion, his role is not the main role we can easily take the character of; and the movie will still be the same! especially given the fact that he has been playing pivotal roles in his recent films. But originally the heroic role is Frank Grillo’s.

It is worth mentioning that this is Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo’s second film working together after the movie Edge of Darkness (2010).

Boss Level movie trailer

Credit to Movie Trailers Source youtube channel

In addition to Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson, we have the Malizian actress Michelle Yeoh; who is known for the movie ” Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon (2000) ” and was with Pierce Brosnan in his movie ” 007 Tomorrow Never Dies “. Along with the hilarious Ken Jeong, I like his appearance in the movie.

I like the idea of the movie, it’s light and beautiful, there aren’t many movies with this idea, what comes to my mind is Palm Springs starring J.K. Simmons. Moreover, we don’t get to see lately this genre of films where the mystery is a big player in the movie; and where there is a secret to solve.

Mel Gibson

In terms of acting, the actors played their roles in a literal and robotic way, not to say that the acting was bad, but most of the characters were with no deepness, however, actors did a great job, Mel Gibson played his role in a personal and professional way. Moreover, Roy when talking to his son Joe was very touching and conveys real emotions, that is not strange knowing that Rio Grillo, Frank Grillo’s actual son plays his son Joe in the movie. But I would rather, have another actor playing Colonel Clive Ventor; not to say that Mel Gibson is a bad actor, but this is just not the movie for him, he can do better.

Did the current situation of the world had affected the material state of actors like Gibson to accept roles like such? I don’t know really. I mean he did a great job in playing the colonel’s character, but I feel the character must be played by an actor from the second order, don’t forget he was in great roles like Braveheart… and lately in some comedy roles such in Daddy’s Home 2.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts has been in movies like Fair Game and the famous horror movie The Ring. We can say about her the same thing we said about Mel Gibson regarding her choice of character.

I can’t say that I don’t like the dialogue, it was actually good if we consider the whole film components as a package; It wasn’t an impressive dialogue, but hey, it is just a commercial movie! There are some funny scenes, some funny lines. But I wish they invest more time in explaining the science behind this time loop.

There are some very violent scenes, characters being beheaded, exploded, shot in the head, blood everywhere, but hey! it’s Boss Level, and “boss level” is a term gamers use to refer to the toughest level of the game; which is in many cases the last level. However, the action scenes were good and frankly exciting, but, a little problem that you can spot is during sword fights, there is a bit of slowness in the performance of the movements! they are good and the positions look accurate, but slow, however, it isn’t a big deal, I enjoyed them anyway. On the other hand, the fights without swords were perfect and there is a sense of realism to them.

the CGI use in the movie

The use of CGI was generally good, there is nothing to say there, it actually helps serve one of the film’s purposes; which is the sense of the video game reality so to speak.

A good thing that comes to mind about this movie is the relationship between Roy and his son, you see how the father can sacrifice everything for the sake of his children, no matter how the circumstances, and that was beautifully shown in Boss Level.

In general, the movie is good we recommend it for anyone who wants to have a good time; and enjoy it.


boss level, orange dodge car

Firstly, The movie begins with the attack of an assassin making Roy’s girl leave; and then attacking him with a machete. Secondly, as it is repeated many many times (more than 140 times), Roy has memorized the attack; and knows exactly when and where to hit the hitman. Moreover, he knows the timing of the helicopter and thus dodging its bullets, and when to throw himself out of the window landing in the truck, even though sometimes he misses the timing and end up landing on the ground and of course dies and repeat the day again.

Thirdly, As time passes Roy recognize that he is not just followed by the hitman that attacked him in the morning; but by a group of professional assassins following him like his shadow, and the longest time he lived is when he arrives at the cafeteria at 12:47 pm, where he finally gets bought by all the assassins and ends up dead again, and so on…

Roy has developed a curiosity to know what’s next, I mean after 12:47; and why the loop is just for him and him alone! And here we take a look back to see what was going with him before this happened. Roy’s ex-wife formed him that there is a vacancy in the company she works for, and he should apply because he got the profile for it, and appears that behind her act there is something bigger than just a job post.


All Roy knows about the company is that there is a machine that will explode at any time and annihilate mankind. The mistake that the wife made is that she told him that without knowing that someone is watching them; and that was Colonel Clive Ventor (Mel Gibson). And after the colonel was aware that Roy had a relation with the wife, he did not like that so he called her, but luckily she succeeded in cutting a few hairs of Roy’s head, so she stashed the hair in the machine and insisted on Roy to open the gift she sends him, and then she gets close to him and says ” Ozores “.

Roy does not understand any of this, why his ex-wife is acting strange, why she cut his hair, what the hell is Ozeres, Roy went to the bar and there he gets a call from her but the call was also strange and he didn’t understand what she’s talking about, the call ends up by the intervention of the Colonel.

All this was, was monitored by The colonel, which begs the question, Why didn’t she just sit with her husband in some café and explain the whole situation to him?? Anyway, this leads her and Roy to get exposed by the colonel. And as a result, he orders her murder and puts a set of notorious criminals after Roy; thinking that Roy knows about the machine.

So here the image gets a little clear to us, and we know that after hanging the call with his ex-wife, Roy meets a dentist in the bar he went to, and in an unclear way Roy was in her clinic and gets a full body anesthetization, we know that the dentist works with the colonel and was sent by him, so she planted a tracking devise in his tooth, so the assassins can know exactly where Roy is and track him down and kill him.

But, should we ignore the fact that all this mess could have been avoided just by killing him in the clinic! Well, this part could use some editing in the writing. However, let’s get back to when Roy decides to go find some answers; he wakes up takes out the first assassin (Mr.good morning), and he takes a look at his wife’s gift, the gift is a book named Ozores, an ancient immortal Egyptian god, and we know that the hair taken from Roy’s head was planted by his wife in the machine and somehow made him immortal, and the goal behind this keeps coming after the company, and try to stop the machine from destroying the planet.

Boss Level Conclusion

After a lot of action scenes, Roy meets his son and finds out that he is being monitored; and the tracking device is in his tooth. And for that Roy uses the tracking device to deceive the assassins and kill them, and thus he becomes closer and closer each time to the company. Moreover, trying and shortening the time to get to them before his wife gets murdered. After several attempts, he succeeded and saves his wife; and finds out that his DNA is in the machine and thus he is the only one capable of stopping the machine from distracting the planet.

Roy gets in the machine, and that’s it! We don’t know whether if he stoped it or not!

To sum up, that is my review on the Boss level movie, it can use some editing in the scenario; the idea is pretty good, a man stuck in a time loop. As a repetitive idea as it sounds, but there aren’t that many movies that address it I can think of “Palm Springs” and “Naked”; but in general the movie was good, Frank Grillo, one of my favorites, he did well. And by the way, he is in a good shape, and he is in his 50s, unbelievable!

Boss level differently has made his place in time loop movies, and we definitely recommend it for you.

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