February 9, 2023
best mini series 2021


This article will provide you with a list of the best mini series of 2021 so far. As most of the time, we want to watch short series that we can finish in a small period of time, without being kind of married to them for a long period of time, series that are suitable for vacations or at the end of a busy week, holidays and occasions.

This series belongs to the best mini series category with 3-10 episodes. The series are not arranged in order. So let us know in the comments; if you like more of these posts, we will be happy to provide them.

The innocent

best mini series 2021

The Innocent is a great mini series by a good director. His recognized movies are the invisible guest, the body, and mirage, all good movies we recommend for you; However, The innocent series is a highly engaging series. If you try it you will recognize that you pass episode by episode without being bored!

We find the acting to be impeccable and to be more precise it was smart! because the majority of the actors succeded to let you with to feeling of “who have done it”. The plot is well woven. in conclusion, we did a full review of The innocent here.

Number of episodes: 08
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Stars: Mario Casas, Xavi Sáez, Santi Pons

Behind her eyes

Behind her eyes is a mystery drama about a single woman who goes through a psychological frenzy to make a forbidden relationship with her manager but befriends his wife at the same time.

what a mini series! The story looks dull but, we can assure you that it brings something new to the table. However, you must be a little patient in the first couple of episodes; the show started a bit slow and then picking up the rhythm. The twist of the end is impeccably good. Seriously we are talking about an interesting plot, we can say that the acting was “nice”.

we can say from an open-minded point of view that Behind Her Eyes is a miniseries gathering many genres Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Romance. We highly advise you against reading any long reviews or spoilers because simply one word can ruin the entire show for you! enjoy!

Credit to netflix youtube channel

Number of episodes: 06
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Stars: Simona Brown, Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman

Mare Of Easttown mini series

Mare of Easttown in short is about a detective named Mary who is investigating a mysterious murder that has been going on for a year without any progress on knowing the killer. Moreover, Mary is frustrated and desperate because of her unstable personal life and the failure to arrest the killer.

No words! Kate Winslet stole the show with outstanding acting, that is for sure, we can say that the cast contributed to that and rise up to her level of acting. You see that is what I move about series, the feelings, the emerging in the story, going for a journey. and Mare of Easttown definitely gave me that! the Directing is good; in general, it’s an impeccable miniseries go for it!

Credit to HBO youtube channel

Number of episodes: 07
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Stars: Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel series is a new documentary streaming on Netflix; about the disappearance of the Canadian tourist, “Elissa Lam”; after her stay in the famous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in 2013. Weeks later, they found her body in the water tank on the roof of the hotel.

Number of episodes: 04
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Documentary

Night stalker mini series

The events of Night Stalker speaks about police and detectives trying to catch the serial killer and sexual assaulter Richard Ramirez, known as the Night Stalker, in LA.
The Night Stalker series is considered the best documentary short series that was shown in 2021.

The Documentary is not about giving information about the serial killer himself or making him a celebrity. It is more about how the detectives caught him. And they did a good job. be careful there is some graphic content in the miniseries.

credit to netflix youtube channel

Number of episodes: 04
Genre: Documentary, Crime, Mystery

The serpent

A French criminal Charles Sobraj, AKA the Serpent for the many crimes he committed and his escape from prison more than once; as the mini series shows the attempts to arrest him in a framework of a breath-taking excitement. The series quotes a true story, The cast contains many French and Turkish actors.

The pote was good leaving you with a hunger for more and more. the acting was nice (nothing more than that); there was some jumping back and forth between the timeline of the story which is fine. A good story we recommend it.

Number of episodes: 08
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Stars: Tahar Rahim, Billy Howle, Jenna Coleman

Fatma mini series

Fatma is the latest release of Turkish Netflix. The events of the mini series revolve around Fatma a 35-year-old woman. She searches for her husband after he leaves prison to cause many problems, killing someone and running away to continue searching for her husband.

We must acknowledge that Netflix made us discover many cultures around the world; to see pictures like this one! The acting of the mini series Fatma was brilliant, Burcu Biricik made me personally invest emotionally with a breathtaking performance. The writing can be a little more improved but overall Fatma is a great show, a must watch!

Credit to Netflix youtube channel

Number of episodes: 06
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Stars: Burcu Biricik


Beartown mini series

The events of Beartown revolve around the day of the semi-final Hockey match; where some acts of violence occur and will leave a girl traumatized. A great Swedish dramatic mini series; the story is well told and keeps you wanting more. I like the acting, it was pretty good.

Number of episodes: 05
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Stars: Ulf Stenberg, Miriam Ingrid, Oliver Dufåker

The Underground Railroad

the events of The Underground Railroad are about an enslaved woman that discovers something really interesting in the way of her breaking free from slavery. This mini series is based on a fiction novel, it is definitely a story that you must invest in emotionally because of its good writing. We found that the acting was also good, it is a must see!

credit to Netflix youtube channel

Number of episodes: 10
Genre: Drama, History, War
Stars: Thuso Mbedu, Joel Edgerton, Chase Dillon

The Long Song

The story of The long song is set in the 19th century, following the suffering and survival of July and Caroline. The story is an engaging and well-written drama; without discussing the technical side which is off the charts by the way, but the story speaks of itself!

Number of episodes: 3
Genre: Drama
Stars: Tamara Lawrance, Hayley Atwell, Ayesha Antoine

This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

The “This Is a Robbery” documentary mini series takes the story of several pieces of art stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. the show was interesting, entertaining.

Number of episodes: 4
Genre: Documentary, Crime, History, Mystery

The Lady and the Dale

And finally in the list of best mini series of 2021 comes The lady and the Dale, taking the story of the entrepreneur Elizabeth Carmichael. The show was well presented by the real characters themselves, with nice plot twists.

Number of episodes: 4
Genre: Documentary, Biography, Crime

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