Another round movie review| gift from Danish cinema

another round movie review


Four high school teachers consume alcohol on a daily basis to see how it affects their social and professional lives.

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Quick states

  • Rating: 7.8
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang
  • Director: Thomas Vinterberg
  • Writer: Thomas Vinterberg
  • Certificate: TV-MA
  • Country: Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands
  • Language: Danish, Swedish
  • Release Date: 2020
  • AKA: Drunk
  • Filming Location: Copenhagen, Denmark – Gentofte, Denmark
  • Runtime: 117 min

Another round movie review

Another Round is about four friends who decide to experiment: drink a little bit of wine every morning; compare their efficiency at work and their psychological state after drinking to the normal state they were in; but things just evolve and take a much more dangerous course
The screenplay is extremely powerful and coherent on all levels. The film presents its story or, let’s say, its alleged experience with four different models, all four friends.

The stories of these four are different in-depth and in detail. The richest one was the main story that Another Round focuses on in the first place; which is that of Martin. The rest are equal in the distribution of attention and depth, although each case is different.

We have Nicolas, the head of the family, the calmest and stable life, whose existence is threatened by wine. We have Peter, the French language teacher, who feels lonely and in need of a son and a family to find at least someone to remember him when he is no longer alive. There is Tommy, the only one with a life free of anything except his friends; which makes him the most tragic story among the quartet.

On the other hand, we have the main story of Martin’s character going through what is known as “the mid-life crisis” in which he feels he is no longer the same but has become a more incompetent and boring version unable to do or enjoy anything from a tedious job and social relations to a semi-dead married life to get booze into his life and change it altogether to feel like he is again after being almost dead for a long time.

Another round movie trailer

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Martin’s character (Mads Mikkelsen, AKA Hannibal) is complex and full of contradictions. Through this, Mads Mikkelson was able to present a distinctive performance in which he embodied so many feelings and desires, so subtle that Mads Mikkelson is, sadly, a gigantic and wasteful talent.

One of the most important features of Another Round is its smooth setting and the good presentation of the characters through one lovely and light interview on the heart and it was very effective for the actual start of the plot.

Moving between the stages of desire and reliance on wine was also so smooth that we reached the quarterly point of the film, and here Another Round went off its path, which was heavily related to wine, and began to explain its true destination and the message it was hiding under the surface of wine that filled the scenes of the film.

The film discussed with rare efficiency: lots and lots of different complex ideas and messages under a unique and clever cover: the contraception of wine and its effect on individual production and mood of the individual.

Discussing the whole range of things in one movie is usually a gamble that could lead to the fall of the film into a dispersion trap and a confusion of ideas. On the contrary, the multiplicity of ideas here has only resulted in the general complementarity of the story. When you look at the big picture of Another Round; you will find yourself unable to remove any idea you had in the film, or the whole film will collapse.


The most important thought and social problems discussed in the film where the mid-life crisis that often afflicts a 4-decade-old, and how it can change a person’s personality and reduce his vitality to something more akin to human beings.

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Another Round also made sure not to be misunderstood as a movie promoting wine-fighting as a solution to the problem. On the contrary, the film offers us the stages of addiction; from an experiment to admiration to a desire to increase the dose and then fall back into the abyss. It is presented in a very literal and commendable way.

It’s nice to highlight some important social relationships, notably friendship, and how important it is to overcome crises and find solutions. The teacher’s relationship with his student, which, although a marginal aspect of the film; was presented in an excellent way, particularly through the handwriting of French teacher Peter Moore.

Another Round sends a message to everyone that it’s not too late and that you can still do what you like if you want. Even if you need a way for the first installment of change; you cannot be addicted to using that medium and rely on it. The source of the change is you, not the wine, in this case. It’s like being insomnia in a night; resorting to the hypnotizer to get used to it so that he can’t sleep without it.

In Conclusion

The end-of-the-film scene is the best this year without a competitor at all levels; whether it’s a scene message or a scene, and how much joy it gives to the same scenes, which has made me repeat it in person many times.

The choice of songs in the film was very beautiful. All the songs, besides their beauty in themselves and the joy they send to the scenes of the film, were also very supportive of the film’s ideas, especially the song “What A Life” which appeared in the final scene.

The cinematography was very good in Another Round. All the scenes were comfortable for the eye. Every camera corner was suitable and carefully chosen. Lighting played an important role in reversing the general state of the scene and some of the film’s messages.

On the directing level, it is the unique ability to conduct long conversations involving at least four people; all of whom speak simultaneously and intermingled, with no impact on my communication or understanding of any of them. It reminds me a bit of Martin Scorsese, although there is a difference in auto-quality. But to remind me of one of Scorsese’s most powerful prints is something to be mentioned, and certainly praised.

The film is a beautiful gift from the Danish cinema that was not considered and offers us a rich cinematic meal that was rare this year when the cinemas suffered.

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