Al Rawabi School for Girls review [Netflix keeps exploring]

AlRawabi School for Girls series review


When Mariam is bullied in her all-girls high school, she gathers a group of outcasts and together they plot the perfect revenge to get back at their tormentors and send the students and administration into a spiral. Set amongst school and home life.


Quick States

  • Rating: 7.4
  • Genres: Drama
  • Stars: Salsabiela A., Joanna Arida, Nadera Emran, Yara Mustafa
  • Director: Shirin Kamal, Tima Shomali
  • Writers: _
  • Certificate: TV-14
  • Country: Jordan
  • Language: Arabic
  • Release Date: 2021
  • AKA: AlRawabi School for Girls
  • Runtime: 291 min
  • Filming Location: Amman, Jordan

Al Rawabi School for Girls trailer

credit to Netflix youtube channel

Okay guys, today we are going to be roasting the new series Al Rawabi School for Girls review! So after many experiences of Netflix with some Arabic works; the successful ones like Paranormal or the unsuccessful ones like for instance Jinn.

And now Al Rawabi School For Girls, I was aware of the idea of the series once I saw the trailer, and the poster and all that stuff. My impression was that it will be a failure 100%.

However, to give it a chance we had to watch it, and just judge it by the poster and trailer. So, the series was released last month on Netflix, with a total of episodes of six, you can watch them in a day!

AlRawabi School for Girls, revenge

The series is Arabic with a Jordanian dialect and Jordanian actors; and the production of Netflix. The series, in a nutshell, is about Al Rawabi school for girls, which as it appears in its name is a school for girls only. It takes us on a journey where we explore some aspects of bullying, in its worst shapes!

We see how a student suffers from the bullying of some of her colleagues, causing her many problems that can destroy her life! This student that got bullied and cruelly oppressed by her colleagues and even her teachers finally decides to take revenge and ruin all their lives, and then she can rest!

Therefore, we go on a journey with this underdog student, a revenge journey, so what is going to happen?

Al Rawabi School for Girls review

Firstly, you can expect that Al Rawabi School For Girls, seems very much like other series that their events revolve around schools. For instance, this series can remind you of the Elite series, maybe a little bit of the 13 Reasons Why series; you know it’s a mix of these two.

So, let’s talk about the positive thing that you notice about this series or the only positive thing, shall I say; Because to be honest this series sucks!

The positive thing that forces you to watch the series to the end. Besides, keeping you excited to know what is going to happen, is the story itself. The story of Al Rawabi School For Girls features a highly incurable dilemma which is bullying and bullies!

It is a dilemma that a lot of people can relate to, either they experience bullying at school or at work, or in the street. And here in Filmiland, we talked about this problem on many occasions (CODA movie for instance), who knows we may make some difference!

Of course, the series dramatized things a bit, but it’s for artistic necessity. However, watching Al Rawabi School For Girls will definitely make you feel a bit sentimental, and make you invest in it emotionally. Furthermore, you will crave to find out how forked the story is. And what are the outcomes…

I sincerely like how the series features the bullying dilemma and touches it from a variety of angles. So, we will see how this student got bullied and what made it even worse is that she couldn’t find any help!

Pros and cons of Al Rawabi School for Girls

The student now is between two choices, the best of them is bitter. Either to bear the bullying, the thing that may lead to a similar result like in “13 Reasons Why”. Or to bravely face the problem, which is hard knowing everyone is against her!

I like how the story didn’t just stop here, but they go further than that and show us how this student took her revenge from the bullies one by one. Moreover, what is the outcome of this revenge? I mean in the end, she is not John Wick, she can’t just run on them all and walk away from it!

Meanwhile, we get to see from different angles what are the circumstances that created these bullies, whether it is the home environment or something else… So you don’t really take one side of the story, you know?

Don’t get me wrong! Bullying is bullying, whatever are the factors that created a bully mentality person. But seriously here you will get a bit confused. Your emotions will be all over the place.

Anyway, the decision of covering the subject from different angles was a good choice off the charts impeccable. Teenagers may get to know that everything you do results in an outcome either positive or negative. However, in 13 Reasons Why you can see the extreme outcome, and the final episode (if I am remembering well) of it is very emotionally touching.

So, yeah that is why I liked the story, and that is what kept me attached and watch episode after episode. Seriously, in terms of the watching experience, you won’t regret streaming Al Rawabi School For Girls series.


Yeah, it is a good series, to be honest; However, its negatives predominates its positives. For instance, the actresses! Where to start! I don’t know whether if the problem is the actresses themselves, or if the casting was not successful, or if the writing of the characters.

AlRawabi School, bus

I really don’t know what is the problem there. However, I know that the series does not represent the Jordanian culture, you know what I mean? You get the feeling that the producers of the series are affected by the American or European culture; As is the case for the Jinn series if you saw it.

To clarify, the subject or the problem that the series features which is bullying, is a worldwide dilemma. However, the manner of approaching the subject is foreign for the Jordanian culture, if that makes sense; Clearly unreal.

In conclusion

For instance, the dialogue is not all in Jordanian dialect, rather mixed with English. This is fine by the way, but to make the story looks real, they could have just used their dialect only. I mean literally half of the dialogue is English and the other half is Arabic.

Secondly, the dialogues and the way of displaying them and the way actors interact with each other, it was a complete disaster! Sometimes it’s cool, but for the majority of the time, it wasn’t.

Even the heroine of the series, in my eyes, gave the poorest performance, yeah! Even though I didn’t like the majority of the actors, but they were better than the leading one anyway!

Another negative thing is the soundtracks! It was an Arabic Rap mixed with other languages it is just disgusting and does not identify. Above all, the music was ugly, to be honest. Moreover, the where and when it was applied wasn’t successful.

Back to the positives, for the record, the costumes and the decoration, and the color grading were great. You see a dominance of pink color, which makes sense because it’s an only girls school. Seriously it makes you fit in the atmosphere of the series.

To sum up, I don’t want to hold you back, the series overall has pros and cons, but its cons are more than the pros. I feel like the top rating I can give it is 5/10. And I wish there will be no second season, rather than that Netflix can explore some other Arabic productions, I would like to see that in their network.

All right this is it, please give me your thoughts on the comments I would like to read them!

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