March 30, 2023
movies like don't look up


Movies similar to Don’t Look Up

1 – Greenland (2020)

The first movie like ” Don’t Look Up ” on our list is Greenland; taking the story of disaster earth is going to face! This disaster is a comet also known as planet killer making its way to earth; we follow the story of a family trying to survive together.

If you want my opinion, go for this movie, it is really good it keeps you on the edge. The characters have their own struggles besides the actual dilemma of the movie which is the comet.

2 – Post Impact (2004)

Secondly, in our list comes Post Impact. The events of the movie are taking place after a Meteor Bay-Leder 7 causing it to enter a new ice age. However, with every crisis, there are heroes trying to restore things in order.

3 – Your Name (2016)

And in the third place of our list comes one of the brightest Japanese movies of 2016; it is “Your name”.

The story of Your Name is about a boy and a girl (it is always about a boy and a girl lol); these two will meet in a bizarre way, whoever what is going to happen between them? As I said this is one of the finest Japanese movies you can watch.

If you would like a separate review, let me know in the comments.

4 – Journey Back to Christmas (2016)

Another movie from 2016 is Journey Back to Christmas. Starring Candace Cameron Bure and in a mix of Drama and Fantasy, a nurse goes back in time to ww2 to discover the purpose of her life.

This is one of the movies you can find similar to Don’t Look Up, we recommend it for you.

5 – Armageddon (1998)

And in the fifth place, One of the early movies starring Bruce Willis it’s Armageddon. Its story is very similar to that of Don’t Look Up, it is about a comet heading toward earth, the size of texas. So, NASA is now recruiting a team to find a solution to this problem.

6 – Snowpiercer (2013)

After an experiment to tackle global warming, the experiment fails and the planet enters an ice age that annihilates everything on earth, and human survivors are taken to a massive train called “SnowPiercers”, in which the rich live at the front of the train, and the poor live at the rear of the train.

After a while, the poor are carrying out a revolution of rebellion led by Curtis artist Chris Evans, aiming to free a prisoner named Namjung, who is a specialist on the gates of the train to unite with them for the success of their revolution against the wealthy.

7 – The Big Short (2015)

Okay, so, this one “The Big Short” made its way to the list because it is directed by the same director of Don’t Look Up: Adam Mckay.

The movie is about four friends in 2006 / 2007 who will take us on a journey to discover some corruption.

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