February 9, 2023
movies like uncharted

Taste in movies is subjective. And for that reason, as is the case for all the lists we did here in Filmiland; The films like uncharted will not be in any order!

In short, we just put together for you 15 movies like Uncharted.

To sum up, these movies have in common the same atmosphere, related story, characters… etc. Nonetheless, let me know what you think in the comments I’d like to hear from you!

Indiana Jones part 1 and 2

Let’s start our list of movies like Uncharted with a classic movie, shall we? I suggest to you Indiana Jones, which you may know is a franchise of movies starring Harrison Ford.

The story of these movies is typically revolving around Indiana Jones trying to hunt treasures, a mystical stone in the first sequel for instance.

And needless to say that we are expecting another sequel of this movie in 2023, can’t wait to see it!

National Treasure

Starring Nicolas Cage, National Treasure takes the story of a historian who finds himself racing to find a mythical Treasure before a team of assassins do so.

Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are joining forces in this nice movie Jungle Cruise. I have actually written an article about this movie before its release; However, now it is released and available to watch.

As you may be noticed this movie is similar to Uncharted. And its story is about a riverboat that takes passengers or tourists I should say on dangerous, supernatural adventure rides.

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

As you may already know, Uncharted movie is an adaptation of a cool game by the same name.

And personally, I always find myself longing to see movies that are adapted from games or a book. However, these adaptations do not always get the expected success. On the other hand, there are some works that were extremely successful like The Witcher, The nightbooks, Mortal Kombat. . .

Assassin’s Creed, however, was okay I should say. And to be honest that statement is a little personal, for Assassin’s Creed is arguably my favorite game. Anyhow, it is a fun movie to watch, similar to Uncharted in the fact that they are both game adaptations.

Tomb Raider

I used to play the shit out of the game version of Tomb Raider as a kid! And that is a reason this movie made it to the list of movies like Uncharted.

Firstly, Tomb Raider is also an adaptation of a game (if memory serves me well). Secondly, The stories of both movies are similar, Tomb Raider takes the story of Lara Croft who will go on an adventure following the path of her lost father to find him.

Rim Of  The World

Four kids must team up together and overcome their fears to save the world during an alien attack.

The Mummy

Aright, if you search you will find that there is a bunch of movies about Egyptian mummy.

However, the one I am recommending to you is the movie I saw The Mummy 2017 starring Tom Cruise for the simple reason that the movie is similar to Uncharted!


The story of this movie is about a guy who has teleportation powers unexpectedly finds himself in an ancient war between other guys with similar abilities and their claimed annihilators.

Love and Monsters

Very cool film, in my opinion, with good CGI, a simple post-apocalypse story, smooth acting. In short, this is an enjoyable movie I recommend it to you, and I am willing to rewatch it as soon as I can, to be honest!


Why this movie ” Jungle ” is similar to Uncharted? well; Firstly, it is an adaptation of a book (Lost in The Jungle). Secondly, its events are taking place in the jungle, like Uncharted.

However, this one’s story is a true story about a group of friends who decided to take a trip to the Bolivian jungle. Not to spoil for you but, these guys sound found out that they made a bad decision.


This movie starring Jason Clarke and Ang Phula Sherpa takes the story of two men who will join forces to mount the mountain of Everest (True story).

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

In another movie like Uncharted, Four kids are sucked into a magical video game called Jumanji. The only way they can exit is to work together to end the game.

Jumanji: The Next Level

This is The second sequel of the first Jumanji (the one starring the Rock)!

The Lost City Of Z

I first heard of it in the Joe Rogan Experience show, and Joe was certainly the one who pumped me to see the movie.

Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, and Sienna Miller are the stars in this arguably long film that is based on a true story. This is the movie like Uncharted that you may be looking for, it got the same star, a similar story, and the same genre!


One of the best movies recommended to me by one of my teachers in college is Apocalypto, A true masterpiece.

The story is about the civilization of Maya in its bad days, where a young man will be forced to face a ruling system of fear and oppression.

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