March 30, 2023
movies like elvis 2022

Bohemian Rhapsody

Firstly, in our list, we have Bohemian Rhapsody starring Ramy Malek, and in an incredible performance, he most certainly nailed the oscar.

The movie is taking us on a lovely journey discovering the legendary rock band Queen, and the life of Fredy Mercury from the beginning of his career until the end of it.

A star is Born

The movie is about Jack (Bradley Cooper) a Country music star who is kind of not in his prime anymore. Jack stumbles one night with a young girl Ally (Lady Gaga) who shows a big talent for singing.

And while a love relationship starts between Ally and Jack, Ally tries to find her way to build a career, while Jack is battling with some issues.

And here is a good piece of music from the film.

8 Mile

The movie takes place in Detroit in 1995. The city is separated by 8 Mile, a street that parts the town in half along racial lines.

A young rapper, Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. calls for strength inside himself to get over these erratic limits to satisfy his fantasy of progress in Rap music. With his buddy Future, he should simply not stifle.

Justin Bieber: Our World

The movie paves the way for Justin Bieber’s first full show in quite a while and his New Year’s Eve show in 2020 on the housetop of the Beverly Hilton.

Teen Spirit

The movie takes the story of a timid teen named Violet, who fantasizes about getting away from her modest community and seeking after her desire to sing.

With the assistance of her mentor, she enters a nearby singing competition that will test her desire.

Driven by a pop-energized soundtrack, Teen Spirit is an instinctive and slick twist on the Cinderella story.

Pitch Perfect 2

The Bellas are back, and they are over and above anyone’s expectations. Subsequent to being embarrassed before, as a matter of fact, the President of the United States of America, the Bellas are removed from the ACA Circuit.

To demonstrate their innocence and recapture their status, the Bellas take on an apparently unthinkable undertaking: winning an International rivalry no American group has at any point won.

To achieve this fantastic errand, they need to fortify the obligations of fellowship and sisterhood, and blow away the opposition with their astonishing ACA-wizardry!

With every single new companion and old adversaries following along for the outing, the Bellas can ideally achieve their fantasies by and by.

Song One

Alienated from her family, Franny gets back when a mishap leaves her sibling out cold. Backtracking his life as a yearning performer, she finds his #1 singer, James Forester.

Against the background of Brooklyn’s music scene, Franny and James foster a startling relationship and face the real factors of their lives.

tick, tick…BOOM!

The film tells the story of Jon Larson (Andrew Garfield), a youthful theater writer who works at a New York City cafe in 1990 while composing what he expects will be the following extraordinary American melodic.

Days, before he must present his work Jon is feeling the strain from all over: from Susan, who longs for a visionary life past New York City; from his companion Michael, who has continued on from his fantasy to existence of monetary security; in the midst of a creative local area being desolated by the AIDS curse.

With the clock ticking, Jon finds himself asking the question, What are we intended to do with the time we have?

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads

The movie takes a glance at the short, secretive existence of blues legend, Robert Johnson, who was said to have made an arrangement with the Devil at a junction in rustic Mississippi.

West Side Story

Manhattan, Upper West Side, 1957. Against the background of the rotting apartments in the San Juan Hill area and the steady danger of the destroying ball, two fighting packs – extreme Riff’s Jets and strutting Bernardo’s Puerto Rican Sharks- – battle for matchless quality.

Presently, with an unequivocally, the champ brings home all the glory thunder on the cards, a surprising tornado sentiment at the secondary school dance between previous Jet brawler Tony and Bernardo’s sensitive younger sibling María makes way for a hard and fast turf war.

In any case, what’s a pack without its region? Most importantly, when what’s to come is questionable, what’s trust without adoration?

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