February 9, 2023
10 movies like dog 2022

10 movies like Dog 2022 starring Channing Tatum.


In the winter of 1945, a deadly disease called Diphtheria attacked Nome, Alaska, making the cure vaccine hundreds of miles from the city, nearly 700 miles from all the deadly snowmobiles, the team of skate dogs had to travel all those miles to prepare for it. When the 20-pound serum was to be flown in by plane; a severe snowstorm set in, leaving only the town’s dogs to help. And it was.

Hotel For Dogs

Hotel for Dogs is the closest similar movie to Clifford the Big Red Dog, man what can I say, this movie makes me nostalgic. The story of the movie, in a nutshell, is about Andi and Bruce, two brothers with no parents. However, the two kids live in a foster home where there are no animals allowed. So the two kids are secretly adopting stray dogs at an abandoned hotel.

The Call Of The Wild

The movie tells the story of a dog named Buck. Buck got kidnapped from his home.

Now he is on his own adventure and he starts to find what is he made of, but that all goes to waste when his new master can’t work anymore. Buck now tries to find his real purpose in life and what he is meant for.


One of the most popular movies about dogs that looks like the movie Dog. Takes the real story of a teacher who forms a real connection with an abandoned dog, The end is really good!


A dog after returning from war, and experiencing a traumatizing experience now has to face a new destiny.


Taking place in the prehistoric past, Alpha takes the story of a young boy isolated from his tribe during a buffalo hunt. And during this event, this boy stumbles upon a wolf and forms a connection that will turn the fate of humanity.

Megan Leavey

inspired by the true story of a young Marine corporal whose extremely disciplined and bond with her military dog led to saving many lives during their service.

I am Legend

This list of movies like Dog couldn’t be finished without the legendary movie I am Legend. Starring Will Smith, the movie tells the story of a former high-ranking US government agent I believe after a bed pandemic hit earth; now the man is living alone with his dog trying to find a cure for this disease.

And these are two other movies like Dog movie 2022 that you may love. If you reached this long on reading you are awesome, don’t forget to take a look at our store, we got some good stuff in there!

Turner and Hooch

Dog Days

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