October 5, 2022
movies like clean

Adrien Brody, you may know as Luca Changretta from Peaky Blinders; is coming back to the screen with a new Action/Crime movie starring him. But this time as a protagonist as he plays the role of a garbage man going against a mob boss.

And in this easy-to-read article, we give you some movies like Clean to watch next. As always these are top-notch movies in the same genre as Clean, we highly recommend them!



Movies similar to Clean (2020)

Nobody (2021)

Nobody movie review

So, this is one of the best movies you can find like Clean, why? Well, both protagonists of the two movies had a wildly rough past, both were hitmen of some sort; both left their past behind and attempted to live in peace, but that didn’t happen. So this is why we recommend Nobody!

The story of the movie in a nutshell starts when two criminals break into the wrong house; that of a former debt collector.

And here you can find the full separated review on Nobody

The Equalizer franchise

The Equalizer, You may have already seen it, personally, I have seen it more than I can count. The story is roughly the same as that of Clean film, it’s about a guy who had a past and left it behind, and now he has to face it again!



The Accountant (2016)

The Accountant (2016) is another movie with a similar story. The movie takes the story of a highly efficient accountant his life takes a whole other turn when he stumbles across a gang.

I can’t recommend this one enough, the movie has impeccable twists at the end.


Don’t Breathe franchise

don't breathe 2 review

Three idiots decide to invade the house of a blind man thinking it will be easy money. However, the blind man turns out to be a badass himself, he totally made them retreat choosing his house.

This one is also a movie like Clean you shouldn’t miss it, and there are two parts to it.

If you want the full review you can find it here!


John Wick saga

john wick 1 (2014) movie review

This list of course can not be done without mentioning John Wick, my personal favorite.

You may have already heard of him if not seen it, if not, let me tell you the story real quick. So, John was once a contractor killer, a good one, one day he decided to leave the game and retire after meeting a woman. After years of leaving the game, a Russian gang made him make an exception.

And of course, we have reviewed the three parts of the movie, you can check them here.



Kate (2021)

kate movie review

One of the finest action movies of 2021 that looks like the movie Clean is Kate, (full review on it here). the movie takes place in Japan, which gives the opportunity to use those neon lights, the thing that gave the movie a nice tone.

The story is strict to the point, you already know what is going to happen from the beginning. However, you will find yourself sticking to enjoying the good action scenes.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead did really put on the work for this movie and has shown some real commitment and sheer will to put on one of her best acting performances.


Boss Level (2020)

Next on our list is Boss Level starring Frank Grillo, we did a full review so don’t hesitate to check it out. The story is about a trained retired Special Forces man (Roy) stuck in a never-ending time loop; where he ends up dead every time.


Wrath Of Man (2021)

Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie are rejoining interestingly. Since the 2005 film Revolver to create a film half about retribution; half about thievery, and for the most part obvious occasions.

If you are looking for a film like Clean with the directing touch of Guy Ritchie, Wrath Of Man is the movie for you!


Avengement (2019)

Scott Adkins, you may know as Boyka from Undisputed is the star of the next movie in our list of movies similar to Clean.

Avengement is a good choice also, for he has a nice light story with good action, I personally like Scott Adkins as an action genre actor, he has some serious skills.

However, I said the story is very light you most likely going to forget it the next day you finish watching the movie.


Extraction (2020)

extraction movie review

And we come to number ten in our list with the movie extraction starring Chris Hemsworth. Honestly, this is one of the best action movies like Clean you can see, it made its day view in 2020.

The story is about an extraction mission, where Chris in the role of Tyler must get a kid from the hands of a criminal gang.



And that is it guys for the list of movies like Clean, here is three movies bonus that you must like, also with the same genre as Clean.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021)

Trigger Point (2021)

Taken saga


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